Mongol Rally Day 7*

Ausburg (GER)- Munich (GER) + 2nd Mission Completed!

July 20, 2014

Today we attempted to complete our second mission on Mongol Rally, the “SCHWEINSHAXE EATING CONTEST”. After a morning of recuperating we left our Augsburg campsite, and drove 45 mins to another campsite in Munich called “München-Obermenzing”.

The campsite is very close to the A8 autobahn and if you are a light sleeper the distant highway sound might disturb your sleep. Contrary to other campsite this place you have to pay for shower and some other amenities.

We washed our clothes, put our FUNraiser T-shirts on, and headed towards Hirsch Beergarten.

The Biggest Beer Garden in Munich and Bavaria

Hirsch Beergarten is an absolutely beautiful beer garden situated in a large public park in Munich. Hirsch Beergarten is the biggest beer garden in Munich and also in Bavaria. Altogether this place can accommodates up to 9,200 guests!

All the beer they sell are Ausgusliner and there is a roll of booths that sell all sort of simple straight forward Barvarian food that meant to be shared- pork knuckles Schweinshaxe, gigantic pretzel…etc. The portions are huge, the steins are humongous, this is an Adult fairyland!

One full pork knuckle costs 12 Euros, a big stein of beer costs 6.5 Euros, and the gigantic pretzel is 4 Euros. It’s Sunday afternoon there are tons of families chilling and relaxing. If in America, you will probably see people getting drunk and loud and on their smartphone chatting all the time. But in Hirsch Beergarten there is a very peaceful and civilized atmosphere, nobody are overdoing it here.

When Graham is buying the pork knuckles the counter person is very surprise that we got 3 full ones. He says half pork knuckle per person is way too much already. Usually people share one Schweinhaxe between 3 to 4 peoples. We really don’t know what we are getting ourselves into.


Camera is rolling. We all get very excited about this challenge! The pork knuckles are surprisingly super tasty! Under the very thick and crunchy skin crust are oozing madness of pork fat and soft tender meats. We thought we can finish it really fast like those hot dog eating contest, but the reality is this hunk of meat is waaaay too HUGE!

It turns into an anti-climatic eating competition that we struggle to put just one more bite in our mouths. At the end, Kenneth, with a strong mindset of saving the rainforest for Peruvian children and an exceptional elastic stomach completed the mission. He is not hungry for the next 24 hours.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your donations! We together raised $160 for our charity Cool Earth! Check out the video:

Here are some pictures of this awesome beer garden!







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