Costs of the Mongol Rally

When I first told my Mom about Mongol Rally, first thing she asked was “Can you actually do that?”, and second question was “How much will it cost?”

We drove through 20 countries in 52 days and it was actually more affordable than what we expected. What we did was each of us put in $3000 USD in a common “Money Pot” as our Mongol Rally Budget and designated Graham as the comptroller. That money pot covered every communal costs we needed to spend- fuel, car registration, border insurances…etc.

Here is the actual cost of our Mongol Rally 2014. Below you will find information of border crossing fees, Caspian Ferry fees and other necessary costs. We did not include the costs of lodging and food in here since everybody have different preference. Hope these information will help any future Mongol Ralliers ;-)

*We are an American team and we have to do everything remotely. If you live in Europe a lot of those extra costs e.g. car transporting costs can be eliminated. We bought our car blind online and they charged us extra fees to deliver it to London.


All Currency in $USD unless otherwise noted:


  • Entrance Fee to Mongol Rally $1050


  • Car Purchasing Cost (£1800 GBP)- $2734
  • Car Transporting Costs (£250 GBP)- $427.50
  • Car Insurance Europe for non-European residents (£315)- $474.97
  • Mechanics (in London)- installing sump guards (£150)- $256.50
  • Mechanics (in London)- oil change, change air filter, new set of sparks plug…etc. (£70)- $119.70
  • Car Supplies (bought in London)- tow ropes, Europe Motoring kit, tire inflator…etc- $100.89
  • U.K. Car Tax and Registration (£99)- $169.29
  • Ferry from Dover to Calais (£90)- $153.90
  • Car Supplies (bought in Czech Republic)- Jerry Can, tire pressure gauge, round mirror- $36.95
  • Turkey Border Crossing Insurance- $48
  • Azerbaijan Car Insurance- $35
  • Caspian Ferry Baku to Turkmenbashi car transportation cost- $610 ($85/ meter car, $95/ passenger)
  • Turkmenistan Border car entry fee (not included people only car)- $160
  • Turkmenbashi to Farap bridge toll- $20
  • Uzbekistan tire fix 2 wheels- $8
  • Tajikistan Border crossing car registration fee- $25
  • Tajikistan Border car paperwork fee- $5
  • Kyrgyzstan road toll Fan Mountain- $5
  • Kazakhstan tire fix- $5
  • Kazakhstan tire fix- $6
  • Mechanics cost- radiator fix in Rubtsovsk, Russia- $80
  • New Wheel and tire plus installation in Barnaul, Russia- $89.10
  • Mongolia Border car insurance- $25
  • Mechanics cost- broken suspension, Mongolia- $120
  • Total Fuel Cost- $? coming soon
  • Shipping car back to Lithuania through The Adventurists- $2000

TRAVEL (personal expenses, not from the money pot)

  • Airplane Tickets per Person- $540* (flight NYC to London), $1500 (?) (Mongolia to NYC)
  • International Driving Permits- $15
  • Travel Insurance per Person- $154


  • Visa Costs per Person The Visa Machine- $1500
  • Visa Postage from U.S. to U.K.- $87
  • Passport Photos International Size per person- $40
  • Baku fixer Isymll for Turkmenistan Visa- $20 per person
  • Turkmenistan Visa fee to the bank- $50 per person


  • Hotels/ Hostels


  • Beer

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