Mongol Rally Day 41

Korday (KAZ)- Almaty (KAZ)- Kapchagay (KAZ)- Somewhere before Saryozek (KAZ)

August 23, 2014

We arrived last night at Kazakhstan/ Kyrgyzstan border at around 10:30pm, and waited the border crossing for a good 6 hours for the paper work to be done. It was until 4:30am that our car finally passed through. Graham had to pay USD $5 for bribe to some Karzak official.

Then we went to the town Korday and grab some random things to eat. After exchanging money and a short break we decided to find a roadside spot out of town to camp out. We slept for 2 or 3 hours until the heat of the sun woke us up.


We decided to give our car Takhi Butter a nice oil change. We believe if we treat our steed good, it will take a good care of us. And now Takhi Butter seems thirsty.


It took these two young mechanics quite sometime to change the oil due to the sump guard we put on the car. Later on we found out that they overtightened the right bolt and breaked the hexagonal bolt head. We didn’t found this out until the end of the day when the car start having rattling sound.

Then at Almaty, we stopped by a random restaurant across from an ATM where we got our cash. The food was again excellent! They have a full mixed menu of local and Georgian cuisine. Because Stalin was born in Georgia, almost every big city we go there seems to be always a good Georgian restaurant.

We ordered some fish soup, borscht, lamb soup, lamb kebab and Khinkali dumplings. All were super delicious!


Graham is a very satisfied customer!

With a full stomach we kept sailing and we arrived at Kapchagay- a town situated on Ili River with casinos and some beach resort. It’s a popular weekend destination for Almaty citizens.

Young try to go into the Bombay Casino (pic below) but was instantly refused by all the super well dressed front desk ladies.

Kazakhstan_12 Kazakhstan_11

Some cool Lada ambulance by the Red Crescent. It was a super hot day. I felt a bit dizzy fortunately I didn’t get a heat stroke.

We keep driving until sunset and camp out on a small plateau next to the freeway.


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