Mongol Rally Day 44

Rubtsovsk (RUS)- Barnaul (RUS)

August 26, 2014


This morning we woke up around 7:30am. We walked around and found a mechanics closed by. We went to car and found this notes on our windshield. How nice our new Russian friends are!

большое спасибо Helen, Sveta, Alex and Alex!

Young and myself ignited the engine and start driving to the mechanics very slowly. Once the engine heat indicator reached the dangerous red level we turned it off and ended up pushing the car to the garage.

Rubtsovsk_4 Rubtsovsk_5

We met this body builder and friendly Ukrainian mechanic named Andre. He owned this shop that specialized in souping up 4 wheel drives for off roading. You can see by his bullet proof jeep.  He had helped other Mongol Rally teams every couple of years when they break down in his town and even had a card from a team in 2008.


They took out our radiator and flushed it entirely, and patched up the broken section. The total job costs us around $120 USD.

While we were waiting for the car to be fixed we checked out of the hotel, went to a coffee shop and check internet, and ate at a random restaurant. Young had the Okróshka, a cold soup with kvass (fermented black or rye bread) and raw vegetables. It tastes like vodka diluted and mixed with raw root vegetables.


When the car is fixed it had already pass 2pm. We hit the road again and drive towards Barnaul.


SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC another UAZ-452 siting.  This time we got to park next to it.SAMSUNG CSC

We were all very exhausted. Lots of things happened in the last several days. We decided to follow other Mongol Ralliers and stayed at Hotel Barnaul. We reckoned at least the next 7 days we will be camping out with no showers and hot water, we might as well live it large a bit!

Young and I ended up having a very fancy dinner at the hotel restaurant. It’s super deck out with crazy disco lights and required a dress code to get in, plus every man is required to pay 300 Rubles to get in through a golden turnstile. Ladies are free.

Barnaul_6 Barnaul_7 Barnaul_8 Barnaul_9 Barnaul_10

The waitress spoke excellent English and let us dine at the side room. We ordered different local specialties including the famous Shchi (Russian cabbage soup).

After dinner we were all super exhausted and felt asleep instantly.


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