Mongol Rally Day 5

Durnal (BEL)- Rochefort (BEL)- Vianden (LUX)

July 18th, 2014

Wake up, the sun is very strong. It is getting hotter the more inland we drive. To this point we all got our own system in packing and stuff all the gears in our tiny car. We still really want a roof rack so we can ease up some space in the back seat. Several camp chairs would be hella nice too!

We drive on local country roads to Rochefort to visit the Abbey Monk. It is hot but the gorgeous scenery of rolling hills, fields of gold, farmland and muscular cow keep us  relaxed.

We finally arrive at Rochefort and learn that the Trappist Abbey is not open today for public! Feeling a bit disappointed we ends up in a local cafe for lunch. Rochefort is such a cute town! We sample 3 different Rochefort Trappist Ale- 6%, 8% and 10%. all are absolutely delicious. Compared to American’s microbreweries, these beer does not have that in your face spicbox, hops and other complex bold flavors. It is rich and smooth but with lots of underlying texture, very well balanced but with concealed high alcohol. It is like the difference of a Bordeaux compared to Napa red. We have some local cheeses and chartecurie and it’s absolutely perfect pairing!





Then we hit the road for Viaden, Luxembourg. Between Rochefort and Viaden there are no direct freeway route so we spend the next several hours winding around country roads. Very relaxing drive and when we arrive and have the first glance of Chateau de Viaden, our jaws drop! What a majestic medieval castle!

We take the sky lift to the top. Young is afraid of height she gets totally freak out while we are riding it. The view is super nice from the lift. After than we hike down to the castle. And explore this very picturesque castle, with Games of Thrones references keep coming up. Kenneth is especially fascinating about the architecture of it, and the ‘Red Wedding” episode keeps popping inside his head.








Vianden_Castle6 Vianden_Castle7




It is a hot day. Originally we aim to drive as far towards Munich as possible but the heat really drains our energy. So Kenneth finds a local campsite called Camping Op dem Diech by the river. Here we go, another home for tonight, for 22 Euros. Then we go to the town and drink some local beer and eat some pizza with Specks. We have been on the road for 5 days already, and it is so interesting to see how people’s facial features is slowly changing.

Tomorrow, we head towards Munich for our 2nd Mission on Mongol Rally- Schewein Eating Contest.



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