Mongol Rally Day 0

Arrived in Northern London (GBR)

July 13th, 2014

ken_plough graham_plough2

We (Kenneth and Graham) fly in separately, with a 3 hours gap. Kenneth booked a cocoon at Lee Valley Campground in Northern London suburb (30 GBP per night) and we decided to meet there. The tube is very fast and efficient. From Heathrow to Walthamstow Central Station, then transfer to the 251 bus takes about 2.25 hours.

Graham got lucky, he gets off at Black Horse road station and his Sister-in-Law’s Sister’s personal assistant Mary Jane picked him up in a shiny beautiful black Mercedes and takes him to the campsite. Mary Jane is a Godsend to us. She help us tremendously in registering the car, taxing it, fixing it…etc. (More to come in the next post abut Mary Jane)

It is the World Cup final night, Germany VS Argentina, and we want to watch it at a local pub The Plough. It is 15 mins walking distance away from our cocoon. We assume the place is going to be crowded since Brits like football a lot. To the contrary the place is quite empty- only a big group of German family camper and a group of young German scouts, and maybe a few Brits are there. It is fun to see how enthusiastic the Germans are, they provide a great sound festive effect throughout the game.

We are so tired during the match, in the second half we both almost fall asleep. We are awake for a good 30 hours and the warm hand pumped Country Bitters beer does not help neither. When we get back to the cocoon we instantly fall asleep.

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