Mongol Rally Day 6

Vianden (LUX)- Augsburg (GER)

July 19, 2014

Today we focus on catching on some distance. We attempt to drive to Munich in one day.

The highway are amazingly smooth and German really make use of their vehicle- i.e. drive super super fast. We have never experience cars like BMW, Audis and Benz zooming so fast passing us before. We are doing around 60-70 mph and those cars must have drive at least double our speed. The story of tortoise and hare comes in mind.

We stop at a small town for lunch, interestingly there are lots of American flags flying around. To our surprise there are Mexican and Southern fried chicken restaurants. We found out later that there is a US airforce base within the vicinity.

We ends up eating at Donar Time. It is operated by a Tajik immigrant family. Young really likes the Donar Kebab sandwich, she says it’s the best sandwich she has had so far in the trip.




After lunch we go to McDonald’s hoping they have free wi-fi so we can update our FUNraiser project. After 6 days on the road we now get into this work-plat-work-play mode. It is a hot day and German from our observation is very green, to a point that they only turn on the ac to a level of just cool enough. Man it’s Uber hot here man!

We stop by a rest stop to chill down- our car does not have AC even though we have the windows rolled down the entire way the internal temperature of the car still exceeds 95F degrees. Kenneth is very disappointed that they charge everybody 70 cents Euro to use the bathroom. After purchase the ticket it kicks back 20 cents to use in the store.

Takhi Butter is doing excellent today. We drive over 600 miles and ends up reaching a campsite called Camping am See in Augsburg. A very family oriented campsite with a large recreational pond, when we arrive it’s full of kids running and German families barbecuing. We pick up some sausages, beer and other food from a small supermarket nearby. And tonight, Kenneth shows off his cooking skill again, on the menu, Munich assorted wurst sauteed in onions with local beer, pan-seared Hungarian Paprika sausages, raw slice bell pepper, raspberry and cheeses. With a full satisfied belly it’s time to say good night.




Posted on December 21, 2014 in Mongol Rally

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