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Fundraising for Cool Earth on the Mongol Rally

How 3 Cheapskates with limited fundraising experience raised 6600 dollars for Cool Earth on the Mongol Rally A Mongol Rally 2014 retrospective is a murky endeavor; tough to see clearly exactly how it all came together because we had a destination goal, only a loose plan of how to get there, and a whole lot of ‘lets see how this goes’ attitude.…

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Costs of the Mongol Rally

When I first told my Mom about Mongol Rally, first thing she asked was “Can you actually do that?”, and second question was “How much will it cost?” We drove through 20 countries in 52 days and it was actually more affordable than what we expected. What we did was each of us put in $3000…

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Useful Resources for Mongol Rally

Below are a list of links we found useful while researching for the Mongol Rally. We are Americans therefore a few of the resources are from U.S., e.g. links of embassy is from Washington D.C., not London…etc. If you have any useful links please let us know! MONGOL RALLY: VISAS APPLICATION AGENCY: U.K.…

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Border Crossings in Central Asia

Below is a map of Central Asia border crossings from, super helpful information. We originally plan to cross the border between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan through Penjikent but found that it had been closed since 2011 due to civil unrest. Click here for the full map. Green: no problem Yellow: possible problems Red: closed Azure: Bilateral border crossing: only for…

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Vaccines for Mongol Rally

For our Mongol Rally trip we will drive through 20 different countries, visiting very remote places like Pamir Highway which bordered Afghanistan. Nobody want to get sick while traveling, especially for this trip of the lifetime. Below is a list of vaccinations recommended by Centers for Disease and Control Preventions (yes we type in each…

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Gear List for Mongol Rally

What do we really need for a road trip like Mongol Rally? We will face temperatures ranged from low 40 to high 110 degrees Fahrenheit. We will drive through five different mountain ranges: Carpathians, Balkan, Caucasus, Tien Shan, Altai and three deserts: Karakum, Kyzyl Kum and Gobi. We will probably camp out 50% along the way. Our rules within the three of…

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