Mongol Rally Day 2

London (GBR)- Gatwick (GBR)- Folkestone (GBR)

July 15, 2014

While enjoying some delicious coffee made by Graham, we receive a surprise phone call. Our awesome friend/ex-roommate Noah just fly in to London from Korea for a business trip and would love to meet up before we hit the road. Our original plan is to check out from the cocoon, drive to Gatwick airport and pick Young up. Her flight departed from JFK to Gatwick via Reykjavik. So we think we can change the plan a bit, pick up Noah and then go to the airport to give Young a surprise.


Very soon we know that plan won’t work. After we packed all of our stuff in our tiny little Suzuki Alto, the car is completely full already. Scratching our heads and dumbfounded, we start wondering how three of us can live in a tiny car for 1.5 months like this. We decided there’s no possible way to go and pick up Noah. Fortunately, being such a kind soul Noah decided to come and meet us at the Gatwick airport. He just fly in from Heathrow this morning at 5am and hahaha, he is going to another airport to meet us, what a sweet gentleman!

Noah and Young almost arrive in the same time. There is nothing around the airport so we end up in a random hotel lobby, grab some beer from its cafe and chit chat. Noah is here for business, he and his company Fuse project is designing a new thermostat for the British Gas. He brings us a super nice bottle of Milroy’s Soho Longmorn Whisky. THANK YOU NOAH!!! You know that bottle won’t last two days hahaha!


It is so nice to see an old friend in a different country. It is time to say goodbye and Noah, as a international jet-setter designer took this awesome picture of us!


After squeezing all of our stuff inside the already cramped car, we drive from Gatwick to Folkestone. About 2 hours drive we finally arrive this beautiful campsite called Folkestone Camping and Caravanning Club Site.


We are lucky we got the last pitch. After settling down, we drive to the town and ended up eating at The Smokehouse. Young got the Crab Cake, Kenneth got the classic Battered Cod and Graham got the Breaded Mackeral, all comes with chips. Kenneth says it’s the best Fish n’ Chips he has ever had it‘s like a brick of a fish. The local beer Whitstable Bay Blond and the Rocktop Ale are the perfect drink to wash them down. Being the internet addicts we stay there until they close. The waitstaffs are super nice if you got a chance please visit this place ;-)


After the dinner we drive back to the campsite, grab the bottle of whisky Noah gave us and walk down to the beach. Lying down, drinking Scotch and watching the stars finally we feel that the journey has started.

Tomorrow morning we are going to board the ferry to Calais France.


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